One Choice at a Time

This morning I feel compelled to reflect upon my weekend and the ways in which I did and didn’t listen to my body:


+ Allowed myself to sleep in until I awoke naturally on Saturday morning

+ Turned off the TV an hour earlier than usual Saturday night in order to unwind with a book prior to going to sleep

– Last night, I stayed up a little later than my body wanted me to; this morning I’m dragging


+ Had sore muscles on Saturday morning, so I went for a walk around my town instead of forcing myself to do a workout at the gym

+ Felt energetic during my Sunday workout, so I pushed myself to do an extra five minutes of cardio

– Pushed myself to try a new exercise this morning at the gym; hurt my back, so I’m now carefully guarding my posture here at work


+ Portioned out some dark chocolate Saturday night and recognized I was no longer hungry or interested in eating it, so I put it back in the drawer (yes, I have a whole drawer devoted to dark chocolate!)

+ Stopped and listened to my body’s needs Sunday night before deciding what to eat (salmon, veggies, and quinoa seemed like a good choice and turned out to be perfectly satisfying)

– Consumed four alcoholic beverages Saturday night and four more on Sunday; definitely ignored my body’s need for hydration


+ Tuned into my inner child’s need and went skipping (yes, skipping!) through town while out on Saturday

+ Heeded my inner child’s need for nurturing by reading more of my favorite book this morning

– Ignored my urge to pet the cats before I left the house this morning because I was in a hurry


So, reviewing each category, it seems as though the times I listened to my body’s and spirit’s needs, I did pretty well. Those times that I didn’t pay attention to my needs, I ended up hurting myself in some way — physically, mentally, or spiritually. I won’t chide myself. I’ll simply use this as food for thought. It’s all about choice…I can listen to my body’s needs, one choice at a time.

You, too, can choose to listen to your body’s needs. It requires some self-awareness and the willingness to slow down and pause for a moment before pushing forward with life as usual. It’s worth the time. And it can make a big difference in your life’s journey.

Peace, joy, and health,



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