The Joy of Friendship

As I type this post, one of my four cats, “Quay”, is sitting on my right (on the printer!) staring at me. When I look over and wink at her, she blinks back. When I say “Pretty kitty!”, she meows back. (And, as I type about her, she leaps up onto the back of my office chair and starts head-butting the back of my head!) Yes, Quay is a dear friend.

This morning, Easter Sunday, I’m thinking of the joy of friendship. Not just friendship with my four-footed, furry friends, but with my human friends, as well. Easter is such a wonderful day. I have many happy memories from childhood of getting all dressed up, running around at church with friends while looking for eggs in the grass, getting my picture taken with my brother, eating too much candy, and having a meal with my family. As an adult, I’ve cut out some of those traditions, but it’s still a day when many of my friends and I come together at church and reconnect.

Connecting in a genuine, open way with my friends is a great way to shut down the voice of “Ed” (eating disorder). This morning, Ed tried to ruin my day by telling me, “You look fat in your new dress” and “Your face is fatter than it was a week ago” and “Don’t eat anything at the Easter brunch, or you’ll gain weight”. Fortunately, the joy of friendship saved me from that torture. From the moment I got to church and got hugs and smiles from my church friends, Ed was silent. When we stood in the pre-dawn chill of the graveyard with candles in hand chanting, “The Light of Christ…thanks be to God”, Ed was gone. When we got into the darkened church with only the glow from our candles lighting the space, the scent of lilies and hyacinths kept my thoughts on the joy of the present moment. When we blew out our candles after the sun had risen in front of us and said, “Peace be with you” to each other, Ed was a distant memory.

So, this morning I am thankful for my friends, my family, and my faith.

May all of you experience peace this day.

Peace, joy, and health,



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