The summer of 2014 has been a season of notable anniversaries for me:

* Ten years since I recognized my self-worth and started investing in my recovery from Binge-Eating Disorder

* Nine years since I started writing what eventually became my book, Getting Out of B.E.D.: Overcoming Binge-Eating Disorder One Day at a Time

* Seven years since I started the Clinical-Counseling Psychology graduate program at La Salle University

* Four years since I graduated from graduate school and got my first counseling job

* Four years since I started this blog!

Some of those anniversaries are linked to memories that give rise to mixed emotions: sadness, wistfulness, pride, and joy. However, as I continue to participate in counseling and practice mindful meditation, I’m learning how to accept my mixed emotions instead of judge them. I’m able to say, “Emotions are just one part of my whole being” instead of chastising myself for feeling sad about something that “I should be over by now”. Mindfulness (or mindful awareness) is a powerful tool that I’m fortunate to have learned and added to my “toolbox”. Next month I’ll have the opportunity to attend a professional workshop in order to learn more about how to teach this skill to my clients.

If you feel that mindfulness might be helpful to you, as you approach certain anniversaries in your life, you may want to check out the following resources:

Discovering Awareness – (book by Tony D’Souza)

Discover Awareness (blog)

Mindful (website related to the magazine)

Peace, joy, and health,



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