As a child, my dad was my hero. I thought he could protect me from the monsters in my closet (“Don’t worry, Meg. It’s just the cat!”).

As a teenager, my boyfriend (du jour) was my hero. I thought human love would save me from my low self-esteem.

As a 20-something-year-old, I lost all hope in heroes. I thought cynicism would protect me from heartbreak.

As a 30-something-year-old, I’ve met real heroes:

Recovered and recovering friends and acquaintances who recognize that “ED” (eating disorder) does not have to have the last word;

Resilient students who push through unspeakable traumas and learn to love themselves;

Dedicated teachers who go the extra mile for their students, buying their own classroom supplies, setting healthy boundaries, modeling integrity, and managing distressed (and distressing) parents;

Underpaid employees who carry on with their work because it gives them meaning;

Faithful church members who give God the glory for their blessings and successes;

Yes, there are heroes among us. It’s my prayer today to continue to recognize the heroes in my midst and to take note of the amazing things that happen when I “let go and let God”.

Peace, joy, and health,




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