Gentle self-care

It’s been a hard week. I still have residual symptoms of a cold that kicked my butt for over two weeks. The pace at my job has been unrelenting, which drains me emotionally. Editing continues on the new book I’m co-authoring (check out our blog by clicking here!). Add the usual day-to-day stress, difficulty unwinding and falling asleep at night, and the colder weather and I have my own personal recipe for over-eating and poor body image.

Fortunately, when I’m physically tired, my mind slows down, too. I find myself wanting to simplify and return to the basics: gentle self-care. I say, “gentle” self-care because if anyone can turn something compassionate and caring into a task to be mastered and perfected, it’s me. Adding the word, “gentle”, reminds me to be compassionate towards myself, tapping into that caring part of me that recognizes it’s okay to slow down (and it’s okay that I’m always going to speed back up again and have to remind myself to slow down again!).

So, here are some ways I plan to incorporate gentle self-care into my life this weekend:

* connecting with supportive people, humbly sharing my vulnerabilities

* taking time each morning to breathe and thank God for the day

* adjusting self-imposed editing deadlines

* drinking more water and less coffee

* sleeping until I feel rested instead of getting up “to get things done”

* cooking meals for myself and mindfully enjoying them

* writing in my “Dear Megan” journal

* countering my negative self-talk with self-compassion

So, how will YOU gently take care of yourself this day? You are worth it.

Peace, joy, and health,



3 thoughts on “Gentle self-care

  1. lusciouswords says:

    Love this post! And it’s so timely after my therapy session last night. 🙂

    One of my favorite gentle self-care tools is to spend time cuddling and playing with my cats. It’s something that brings such joy to me, and it helps me focus on the moment. Watching my cat that likes her belly rubbed close her eyes in satisfaction and purr while she’s being petted reminds me to stop and enjoy the moment instead of worrying about what I have to get done.

    • getoutofbedonedayatatime says:

      As a cat lover, petting my four cats is something I do to self-soothe, too! You’re right that it’s wonderful to watch how cats (or any animal) live so presently in the moment, without the burden of the past or future. I’m glad my post was timely and helpful. Thanks for reading!

      • lusciouswords says:

        It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of things that “have” to be done and miss out on what’s happening in the present. I’m glad I have the cats around to remind me to live in the moment. (We have four cats, too. =^..^=)

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