You are enough.

Hi, everyone.

You all know that I write about issues that are relevant to me (and hopefully to others of you). Well, today I’m feeling emotionally drained by the demands of my job as a counselor and by concerns in my personal life that have activated some of my “old tapes” (false beliefs about myself). One of my old tapes is, “You will never be (good / pretty / smart / talented / superwoman) enough.”

So, I know I’ve blogged about this before, but you can never get enough (haha) reinforcement of the fact that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Here’s how I’m turning down the volume on that old tape:

1. I’m telling myself, “That’s an old tape. It is no longer helpful for me to believe that.”

2. I’m showing myself compassion by taking care of my body’s physical and emotional needs and incorporating more spiritual wellness into my life, too.

3. I’m connecting with my supports — my readers, my friends, and my family.

4. I’m telling myself, “You are enough. You have what you need to get through the day. You are worthy of good things, just because you are you.”

This is just the start. What will you do today to remind yourself “YOU ARE ENOUGH”?

Peace, joy, and health,



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