Finding Beauty

It’s finally starting to feel more consistently like spring here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, which has improved my mood quite a bit. However, with warmer temperatures come the barrage of print, radio, internet, and television ads about losing weight for the summer. The message is always the same: “Lose weight in order to feel [insert adjective here]”. The personal trainers and group instructors at my gym can be heard saying things like, “Gotta get that body in shape for swimwear season!” Frankly, the emphasis on physical beauty during a season that is cloaked in growth, wonder, and natural beauty (all of which we ignore in order to conform to what society tells us is our only chance at feeling happy, successful, or loved) makes me want to vomit.

So, I’m determined to seek out and find beauty this season…in everything, not just the human form. Of course, bodies — with all their flaws and imperfections — are still beautiful, but where else might I find beauty? Here are a few places I found it just this morning:

* In the panel of sunlight cast against my bedroom wall at sunrise

* In the gentle touch on my arm by my beloved

* In the chocolate brown flecks of fur that I noticed for the first time on my otherwise black cat

* In the swirling pattern created by pouring cream into my morning cup of coffee

* In the glint of light reflected towards me from a rosary hanging from another driver’s rear view mirror

* In the thought of dyeing Easter eggs this Saturday

* In the smile brought to my lips by an email from a friend

Beauty is everywhere around us. It does not reside in perfectly shaped and perfectly functioning bodies. It’s in the quiet moments. It’s the still, small voice of God that says, “Be still and know that I AM.”

Peace, joy, and appreciation of all that is beautiful,



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