A little more than a week ago, I wrote a post called, “Anchoring Myself”, in which I described my desire to sit still and be present with my feelings in an accepting way. That hasn’t been easy, but it gets easier each time I try.

This morning, when I was reading a fabulous post by a contributing writer to the Health At Every Size blog, I was reminded of the power of radical acceptance and surrender. As author Rachel Smith reminds us, surrender is not “giving up and rolling over”, but “letting it all go”.

In the past week, I have used deep breathing and prayer to let go of my fear of abandonment, my body insecurity, my expectations about how my life “should be” at age 37, and my thoughts about what everyone else must be thinking about me. I have tried to show myself more compassion and live more in the moment without getting caught up in what’s next. I have a long way to go, but I’m no longer as impatient with myself. I’m trying to focus on each step of the journey, intentionally surrendering myself to gravity as I place one foot in front of the other and simply notice how the ground feels beneath me.

May all of us find time to stay anchored while surrendering to whatever may come.

Peace, joy, and health,



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