The Summer of Wonder

Leaves in the creek at Smedley Park (Media, PA)

Leaves in the creek at Smedley Park (Media, PA)

“Don’t let me lose my wonder.” This refrain from the song of the same name by Keith and Kristyn Getty is stuck in my head today and has me reflecting on the small wonders around me.

My work as a counselor is once again drawing to a temporary close. Starting next Friday the 19th, I’ll have eight weeks of respite from my fulfilling, but emotionally challenging work until the next semester at my university begins. Every year, when this welcome break arrives, I tend to make a giant To Do List and set about feverishly accomplishing everything on it. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy myself as well, but I tend to focus more on getting the task done than the joys gained in the process of completing it.

So, this year I’m thinking ahead. I’ve declared that this will be “The Summer of Wonder” during which I keep my eyes open to noticing the wonder in the world around me. Let me say that to myself again: I will keep my eyes open to all things wondrous (even while burying my head in book editing, crafting, organizing, and cleaning!). Whether it’s a red-orange crayon (see my post two days ago) or these green leaves compressed and distorted beneath the rapidly flowing water of the creek, there is beauty in the ordinary, blessing in the struggle, and peace in the midst of pain. (Now, if only I can avoid the temptation to make a task out of finding wonder in the world!)

Will you join me? Feel free to comment on my posts this summer and share the wonders (big and small) that you’re noticing in your internal and external world.

Peace, joy, and health,



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