If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve heard me talk about the importance of checking in with yourself to determine your progress on any self-care goals you may have set. Today, on the last day of July, I find myself reflecting on the first seven months of 2015 and giving myself a “progress report”.

Body image: B+   —  I started the year with some healthy body image practices, continued to practice mindful eating (at least more mindful than I used to eat), and limited my contact with the scale. I had some setbacks, but was able to recenter myself every time.

Mindful awareness: B  —  It has been a struggle this year to stay focused on the present instead of living in the past or looking ahead to the future. None-the-less, I continued educating myself about mindfulness by attending a seminar on how to use mindfulness exercises in my own life and in my counseling practice. I also started some mindfulness practices of my own, using the mantra “be here now” to bring myself back to the present when my mind wanders. I’m now practicing yoga (once a week, but that’s a start) and am lucky enough to have a partner who continually reminds me to “come back to the present, Meg.”

Connections: A  —  Perhaps what I’m most proud of so far in 2015 has been my ability to establish new friendships, work on long-term relationships, and muddle through difficulties with friends and family. And the two connections I’ve worked on the hardest are my relationship with God and my relationship with myself. I’ve learned that the more effort I put into those two relationships, the better off ALL of my relationships are, so I plan to continue the work I started. In a  month, I’ll be starting a certificate program in Pastoral Counseling, so I’ll have even more opportunity to strengthen those connections.

So, if you had to do a progress report for these or other areas of your life, how would you rate yourself? As you think about it, be kind and gentle. Do a thorough search of your successes and remember that any progress is progress. Feel free to email me or comment on your progress. I love to hear from you!

Peace and joy,



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