This weekend I spent some time putting together scrapbooks of various events in my life. For the most part, it was a fun way to engage in self-care. But, as I did so, I was drawn back into the times, places, and emotions associated with the pictures. I was surprised by the intensity of my feelings — whether joy, sorrow, or confusion — years after the photos were taken. I was also (happily) surprised by my ability to recognize that the feelings were related to the events as I perceived them back then and no longer relevant now, even though my mind and body manufactured them. That knowledge gave me some healthy distance from the feeling, an objectivity towards it that I don’t often have.

I attribute this new objectivity to my mindfulness practice and my ability to more easily notice, accept, and let go of feelings and thoughts. It also helps that I continue to attend my own therapy, which helps me process past events and how they impact my present.

If you’re interested in developing a mindfulness practice of your own, check out these two websites: – Here you’ll find a blog full of practical advice and mindfulness exercises

The Center for Mindful Eating – Visit this site for information about applying the principles of mindfulness to eating. This practice helped me significantly reduce the frequency and size of my binges when I was recovering from Binge-Eating Disorder.

Peace, joy, and health,



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