Recovery Wisdom

Last week I was honored to be invited to participate in an “Eating Recovery Bloggers Roundup” in anticipation of “Eating Recovery Day”, which is May 3rd. Eating Recovery Day is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center of Denver, Colorado which offers comprehensive treatment for women, men, children, and adolescents who are struggling with eating disorders. To learn more about their treatment programs or read their fantastic blog, click here: Eating Recovery Center.

The “Bloggers Roundup” aims to involve individuals from across the nation in a conversation about recovery from eating disorders. Each blogger has been invited to answer the following question: “If you could go back and talk to yourself at the beginning of your recovery journey, what would your wiser self say to your younger self?” I’m eager to share with you my answer to this question and find it no coincidence that this opportunity presented itself to me just shy of the twelve year anniversary of the beginning of my recovery journey.

My “recovery wisdom” will be shared on Saturday, April 30th, but I hope you’ll tune in every day from Monday, April 25th to Tuesday, May 3rd to access links to recovery wisdom posted by other bloggers around the nation.

Before then, I hope you’ll make time for quiet reflection to access your own inner wisdom. As one of my favorite John Denver songs says, “It’s in every one of us to be wise. Find your heart. Open up both your eyes. We can all know everything without ever knowing why.” Wisdom is within us right now. We just need to make space for it to surface.

Until next week…

Peace, joy, and health,




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