About my book

From the official book cover:

For fifteen years, Megan R. Bartlett was trapped in the constant cycle of dieting and bingeing known as Binge-Eating Disorder (“B.E.D.”). During that time, she battled intrusive thoughts about food, obsessed about her weight and shape, and alternated daily between restricting calories and bingeing.

Getting Out of B.E.D. reveals the development and course of B.E.D., as illustrated through the author’s journal entries, personal stories, and interviews. Readers can complete a risk assessment for binge eating and discover the tools that Megan used in her recovery. Compassionate and informative, the second edition (released June 2011) offers additional insight into the journey to full recovery.

If you would like to read more about the book or purchase it, click on the link to the right that says, “BUY MY BOOK: Getting Out of B.E.D.”.


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